Summer 2007Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society (GARS) begins investigations at Fort Daniel site.

Spring 2008 – “Friends of Fort Daniel” organized to work to save site from commercial or residential development.

Winter 2008 – DNR determines Fort Daniel archaeological site “eligible” for National Register of Historic Places.

Spring 2009 – Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation names Fort Daniel to 2009 list of Places In Peril.

Spring 2009 – Fort Daniel Historic Site and Archaeological Research Park Master Plan completed with Georgia Trust matching grant.

Summer 2009 – “Friends of Fort Daniel” become, “The Fort Daniel Foundation, Incorporated.”

Spring 2010 – IRS grants the Foundation tax-exempt (501(e)(3) status retroactive to July 2009.

Summer/Fall 2010 – Archaeological excavations determine most of the footprint of the fort. (Short media presentation)

Winter 2011 – Second Ground Penetrating Radar survey by GSU of Fort’s interior showing new targets for future excavation.

Spring 2012 – Fort Daniel Expo in conjunction with the Society for Georgia Archaeology Annual Spring Meeting, celebrating the War of 1812 Bicentennial. See the Poster.

Fall 2012 – Fourth Annual Frontier Faire and celebration of the 2nd Annual National Archaeology Day.

December 2012 – The Fort Daniel site is purchased by Gwinnett County in order to preserve it for future generations.

March 2013 – The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners signs a 25-year lease agreement with the Fort Daniel Foundation, Inc., effectively vesting the Foundation with management, development, and preservation responsibilities for the site.

October 2013 – The 5th Annual Frontier Faire and Bicentennial of the construction of Fort Daniel.

December 2013 – The GHS Historic Preservation Award: in recognition of efforts to preserve the Fort Daniel Site.

June 2014 – The AASLH Albert B. Corey Leadership in History Award: In recognition of achievement in the preservation and interpretation of state and local history at the Fort Daniel Historic and Archaeological Research Site.

September 2014 – The 6th Annual Frontier Faire and Bicentennial of the construction of Peachtree Road to connect the new fort at Hog Mountain (Fort Daniel) with a new fort at Standing Peachtree (Fort Peachtree), and the successful transfer of supplies via the Chattahoochee River from Fort Peachtree (Floydsville) to Fort Mitchell.

April 2015 – The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s Excellence in Preservation Service Award for  its rehabilitation and preservation of Fort Daniel.

October 2015 – The 7th Annual Frontier Faire with theme: Beyond Our Boarders: Settler Incursions.

Spring 2016 – Gwinnett County adds additional 5.37-a tract to the Fort Daniel site.