Who We Are

The Fort Daniel Foundation, Inc. is an outgrowth of the former Friends of FortDaniel, which was organized through the efforts of members of the Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society and interested citizens with the purchase of the archaeological site property by Gwinnett County in December of 2012 to:

  1. Promote saving the site from residential or commercial development
  2. Develop the site as an archaeological and educational property.

The Foundation is a non-profit, 501(e)(3) tax-exempt entity.

The success of the Foundation’s promotion of the site through public events and educational outreach led, in 2013 to the purchase of the Fort Daniel tract, by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners.  The Fort Daniel Historic and Archaeological Research Park was created, and the Foundation, in a 25-year lease agreement with the County, became responsible for site and program development.  A previously existing dwelling on the property was upgraded for rental in order to benefit from the income and to have a 24-7 presence at the site for security purposes.

The spacious basement, with outdoor access, was reserved for exclusive Foundation use.  With help from a generous grant from the George A. Ramlose Foundation, a toilet, archaeological lab, and meeting room were created.  Artifact display cases and other displays can be seen here.

The County added another parcel of land to the Park in 2016 with plans for future purchase of a third parcel.  In 2016 the Foundation also was able to submit, to the County, for future consideration, architectural concept plans for reconstruction done by a local architect, as well as a cost estimate from a well-known hewn-plank construction firm in Tennessee.

The Foundation is presently (Summer/Fall 2016) constructing a Blacksmith Shop adjacent to the archaeological site.  The main portion of the structure is from log salvaged from an 1840’s cabin that originally was located near Fort Daniel.  The logs were donated by the Gwinnett Historical Society.

Foundation Officers & BoardFort Daniel Marker

Jim D’Angelo

Vice President
Leslie Perry


Cindy  Horsley

Betty Warbington


Chuck Warbington; Wayne Stancel, Jennifer
Coffield, Eli Stancel, Richard Lux, Delana Gilmore, Tyler Holman, Dr. Kate Deeley