The Fort Daniel Foundation (FDF), founded in 2009, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt (501e3) organization composed of professional and vocational archaeologists, descendants of militiamen associated with Fort Daniel during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and interested members of the general public.  Our mission is to preserve the Fort Daniel archaeological site by promoting the creation of the Fort Daniel Historic Site and Archaeological Research Park, as a permanent archaeological research preserve available to researchers, historians and educators where an active learning facility will provide to:

  • Teach the value of our cultural heritage, particularly as it is contained in archaeological sites
  • Train and mentor archaeology students
  • Providing public archaeology opportunities
  • Maintaining a field laboratory where artifacts will be processed and conserved
  • Create a field museum where artifacts and interpretive displays will be exhibited for the public

(*)The Foundation is actively working with Fort Daniel Elementary School and Twin Rivers Middle School, as well as Georgia Gwinnett College and Georgia State College faculty and students.