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May - Georgia Archaeology Month (Postponed to June 22 due to rain)

FDF and GARS host an open house event at the site where the public can visit the archaeology lab & museum, see media presentations, and tour the site, including the public archaeology activity.

June -  Summer Teacher Education Opportunity  (not scheduled for 2019)

In this two-day Teacher Workshop Event (K-12 teachers), teachers learn a brief history of the site; get hands-on experience with archaeological techniques and excavation, and laboratory procedures; review AKS and curriculum standards; and write lessons to incorporate in their classroom.  2019 event not scheduled by Board of Education. 

October - A Fair Season

The First Weekend of October,  FDF and GARS brings our museum wall tent to the Historic Winn House for the Gwinnett Historical Society's Annual Elisha Winn Fair.  For details on Fair  see: 

The Third Weekend of October is the Foundation's annual Frontier Faire held with the Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society (GARS), and AIA's (American Institute of Archaeology) National Archaeology Day.  It includes a two-day (Friday and Saturday) mini field school that is open to local college students and is led by GSU Professor Jeff Glover and Fort Daniel archaeologists.  The Faire, Saturday, features public archaeology, demonstrators, en-actors, displays, and media presentations on Fort Daniel and archaeological methods, as well as a session of our 6-part Blacksmith Training Program, instructed by Doc Watson. 

November - Native American Indian Heritage Month

November is National American Indian Heritage Month. The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the rich ancestry and traditions of Native America.  FDF and GARS join in this tribute by hosting a Native American Heritage Celebration at the Fort Daniel Historic Site.

In the News


May 5, 2019                   "Fort Daniel, other historic sites highlighted during Georgia Archaeology Month observances"  

     050519_GDP_ArchaeologyMonth1.jpg (by GDP Curt Yeomans - CY photo)
 Nov. 20, 2018        "Families Discover Gwinnett's War of 1812 History at Fort Daniel Frontier Faire.
   (by GDP Curt Yeomans - CY photo)



May 12, 2018

"Fort Daniel Archaeologists Cataloging First Decade of Artifacts"

(by GDP Curt Yeomans - FDF photo)

October 21, 2017

"Frontier Faire officials unveiling replica Fort Daniel gate at festival Saturday"                                                                         

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


 May 14, 2017

"Fort Daniel to highlight archaeology's role at site during May 20 open house."

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


Nov. 11. 2016


(NN Staff Photo)


October 22, 2016

"Gwinnett, family history lives at Fort Daniel Frontier Faire"

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


October 10, 2016

"Fort Daniel Blacksmith Structure to be dedicated" (see Oct. 9)

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


October 9, 2016

"Fort Daniel’s blacksmith shop a milestone for historic site"

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


July 2, 2016

"Fort Daniel site offers window to Gwinnett’s early history." 

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


January 23, 2016 

http:   Gwinnett doubling size of Fort Daniel archaeological site                            

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


October 15, 2015

"Fort Daniel to host 7th Annual Frontier Faire."

(GDP Staff Photo - Curt Yeomans)


March, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Gwinnett County Signs Lease Agreement with FDF


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